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My website is about A-Fib and new technology in the latest treatment for heart disease in today’s world. Since starting my site, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about the treatment and device’s that are used to treat Atrial Fibrillation.

Well, I’m going to start with what motivates me. I always wondered what my purpose in life was and could never figure it out ( as I’m sure you have wondered also). It took me many years, up until a month ago. I’ve joined up in the fight against A-Fib and with the people that support Atrial Fibrillation awareness.

There’s an official National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month in September! I’m on board because in 2030 12.1 million in the United States will have Atrial Fibrillation. It has something to do with the aging population and baby boomers, but also stress, excessive alcohol and many other reasons, no one can put their finger on a specific reason, which rises my curiosity since there are so many people that will develop A-Fib in America in 2030.

Why, how and where did this come from?

Answers to questions I haven’t come across in my researching into A-Fib is why so many? Was it what we ate over the years? The pesticides on the apple trees? Actually, it’s hereditary, do you get it from your parent’s genes, alcohol, anxiety or stress related, in which I do believe that stress is a huge factor and trigger for A-Fib.

Look at how the world moves so fast these days and people rushing around all day long to keep that schedule. Waiting on the babysitters so you can go to work, the cost of day care, the mortgage worries, The grocery and electric bills, Covid-19. Yeah, the stressors are there.

The numbers are staggering! In 2019, 6.1 million people in the United States were found to have A-Fib, and the number is projected to double to 12 million or more in the United States alone by 2030. They’re calling it a growing epidemic and the imminent epidemic, yet 61% of the people had never heard of it, according to the Harris Poll.

This is where I come in

I feel that it’s my duty to inform people about this disease and put the numbers out there. It may save lives. If caught early on It can actually be reversed, and with natural foods! I can identify with the suffering, fear and anxiety it causes. I ended up having to get a pacemaker. So seriously now, I am into doing a lot more research, for the people that are afflicted with A-Fib. But in the meantime, finding a support group isn’t that far-fetched. Don’t you wonder what other people are doing to decrease their A-Fib symptoms? Don’t you wonder if anyone has ever reversed their symptoms?

My Goal

My goal in this journey is to find out what the causes are and help people get more informed so that they can make decisions before they need a pacemaker. The fact is, you have to catch it early on and prevent further damage to your electrical system that controls your heart. I’m hoping you continue to follow me on my topics of A-Fib and help spread the word.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to share my experiences with Atrial Fibrillation and heighten awareness. This is what I base my business on. The products I will sell will be relevant to my cause and hopefully educate people about tecnology’s newest inventions to help monitor hearts through EKG’s that are easily accessible and do save lives, such as the scan watch. It’s clinically backed and can detect Atrial Fibrillation in 30 seconds, then you send your reading to your doctor, through your email. I think it’s a great tool for intervention of stroke.

Exercise and diet can change the a-fib course and its symptoms. I wrote a review on the Hydrow rower and Sunny Health and Fitness, I can personally attest for the Hydrow. The Sunny rower is much less expensive and does the same thing if not more, it works your upper cardio just like the Hydrow Rower but it allows more radial movement actually replicationg a real row boat.

If you’d like to read more on A-Fib I invite you to my other website at yogahealthbenefitsarticle.com

If you ever have any questions, or you want to leave a comment below feel free and I will be more than happy tohear from you, so please do, I’m interested in your story and what you think.

Wish you the best, Sherry

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