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What is SEO?

Jaaxy, Free Keyword Search Tool for SEO
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SEO stands for Search engine Optimization, which is a set of practices designed to improve the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. Search engines like Google and Bing use crawlers, sometimes called spiders or bots, to gather information about all the content they find on the internet. (You have to Get Jaaxy, a free keyword search tool for SEO With starter and premium plans, it’ll be your Tool to find the keywords needed for indexing, see how much time you will save.)

How it works

A crawler starts from a known web page and follow internal links to pages within that website as well as external links to pages on other sites. Content on those pages, plus the context of the links it followed, help the crawler understand what each page is about and how it’s connected to all the other pages within the search engine’s massive data base, called index.

jaaxy keyword results

When a user types (or speaks) a query into the search box ie; (Jaaxy, free keyword search tool for SEO), the search engines use complex algorithms to pull out what it believes to be the most accurate and useful list of results for that query. If you’re interested in learning about more topics, the MOZ Blog includes categories related to more topics

Best Keyword Search Tool Tutorials

Here is a tutorial for you to watch on Jaaxy Keyword search

Use the alphabet soup technique to find your keyword phrases (Tutorial).

Jaaxy Keyword Tool review (Tutorial).

jaaxy keyword results

Jaaxy, Free Keyword Search Tool for SEO

See the Keyword Search Tool in Action

Site Rank is a platform exclusive to Jaaxy that allows you to monitor and track rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Type in relevant keywords to your niche in the search bar (at top of website or click on link in content) and click “Find keywords”.

A list of keyword phrases will pop up on the left under Keyword, choose a phrase relevant to your niche or close, you can check several boxes at a time, then click on Get QSR. You will see the number under SEO, (the higher the score, the more likely you will get rank for this keyword on the first page). It’s recommended that you stay under 100 QSR as it’s easier to get indexed due to the low traffic competition.

KQI Keyword Quality Indicator

If you hover on the round icon with the question mark, a pop up will tell you the definition of AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO Domains. I rely on KQI quite a bit, Keyword Quality Indicator, (green is great, yellow is ok, and red is poor). You want to stay in the green for higher rank. To the right of the Keyword Search tool you will see, “Related and Brainstorm” click on the subjects you want to learn more about or brainstorm for more keywords.

Saved List

At the top where you see Keywords, Alphabet Soup, Saved Lists, Search History etc…  Check the box on which phrase you want to save for later research, then click on Saved List create a new list and save, when you’re ready to research content and finding keywords, you can always refer back to your saved list.

Jaaxy,  Free Keyword Search Tool for SEO
Jaaxy Banner

The reason I say Free Keyword Search Tool for SEO is because   you are offered a 30-day free trial. You must set up an account   before accessing Jaaxy. Upon creating an account, you will get   30   free searches. At the end of the 30 days, you will need to   decide on which offer to choose.

Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced keyword tool!

Discover how quickly you find unique keywords to help you drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights. 

Click on link to Get Jaaxy; “Starter Trial“- 30 Free Keyword Searches 

Pro-Most Popular $49mo and Enterprise for power users $99mo

Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform to be developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. Wealthy affiliate has been sitting on this Golden Nugget for years and it’s just now being offered to the public!

Get Pro Jaaxy
                  Ask! Free Pro Jaaxy

Editors Opinion

There are many long hours doing research for your content and an incredible number of hands-on processes that are very time consuming when you want to get it right for your business. Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze!

Jaaxy is capable of a number of other features and tools that help you outrank your competition. This is a genius tool to bring to the table as it also has its own affiliate program.

We are all looking for the high-ranking keywords, Jaaxy is a powerhouse and does most of the work for you in a matter of minutes. You’re steps ahead using Jaaxy, you’re finding keywords that your competition doesn’t even know exists.

That my friend, puts you ahead of the game and on the first page of Google, and that’s where you’re going to get more traffic and grow your audience, and your revenue. And don’t forget about Bing and Yahoo, they rank you as well.

So, there you have it! It’s a wonderful tool and as soon as you are able to use it, you’re never going to want to step backwards again searching all day for the right keywords for your content. It’s simple to use and it’ll take you far.

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I hope I’ve explained it to you well enough for you to practice in your free 30-day trial. Good Luck and I wish you all the best!

If you want to leave a comment below (if you want to leave your email so I can contact you go to the top bar “Contact Us”) or have a question, feel free, I’d love your feedback.


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