Processed food can make you ill if you have A-Fib

Reduce Utra-Processed Food From Your Diet

Processed Food, Why it’s Bad

Ultra-processed foods are foods and drink products that have undergone specified types of food processing, usually by transnational and other very large corporations. These foods are designed to be convenient, eaten on the go, hyper palatable and appealing to consumers. Most importantly, the most profitable segment of big food companies ‘portfolios because of these foods’ low-cost ingredients. There is a direct link from Utra-Processed food and cardiovascular disease

Processed meat is considered to be any meat which has been modified in order to either improve its taste or to extend its shelf life. Methods of meat processing include salting, curing, smoking and fermentation. Processed meat is usually composed of pork or beef, but also poultry, while it can also contain offal or meat by products such as blood. processed food can make you ill if you have A-Fib. (Follow this link for tips for A-Fib prevention and reversal).

Ultra Processed Foods
Ultra Processed Foods

There is a direct link to Processed foods and heart disease/Processed food can make you ill if you have A-Fib

Three stages of Processed Foods

  • First stage of “processing” involves making sure the food is edible. Harvesting grain, shelling nuts and slaughtering chickens are all considered primary processing. Foods that have only gone through this stage of processing are often still considered “whole’ foods.
  • Secondary steps make a more complex, finished, ‘processed’ product. This includes cooking, freezing and canning.
  • Ultra-processed foods go through a third stage, when manufacturers inject flavors, added sugars, fats and chemical preservatives.

A list of Ultra processed food, make smart swaps

Ultra-processed food examples Processed Home version

  • Canning- plain grain cereal, oatmeal made with rolled oats and sweetener
  • artificially flavored-sparkling water soda stream
  • pasteurizing- plain tortilla chips DIY pita chips
  • drying wholewheat bread with minimal ingredients, homemade bread
  • sweetened- breakfast cereals, canned corn
  • white bread, apple juice
  • flavored potato chips, baked potato
  • coke, yogurt
  • corn, chips, corn
  • apple pie, apple
  • French fries’, potato

Heart Healthy anti-inflammatory foods you should eat when in season

Eat Fresh Fruit When in Season
Eat Fresh Fruit When in Season

Eat More Vegetables and Fruit when It’s in Season, support your community and shop at fruit markets to give your support

  • Oranges, green leafy vegetables, cabbage
  • Avocado, kale, collard, greens, garlic
  • cucumber, Brussels, sprouts, squash
  • strawberries, lemons, parsnips
  • blueberries, apples, peas
  • kiwi, pineapple, ginger
  • tomato, marionberries, lettuce
  • red peppers, cherries, cauliflower
  • nuts, huckleberries’, lettuce, watermelon, honeydew

Mixing and matching different food from these diets can help you tailor an anti-inflammatory approach that fits your personal tastes. The Mediterranean diet, the Dash diet and the Alternative Healthy Eating Index are all ant-inflammatory diets.

Yoga heals emotionally and physically, it’s good for mental well-being as well as the calming affects and heart disease, anxiety, depression, anger and panic attacks.

Study of increased heart disease

A study of 105,159 French adults followed for 10 years, found that a 10 percent increase in processed foods was associated with a 12 percent increase in heart disease. A 13 percent increased risk for heart attack and an 11 percent increased risk of for strokes. An increase in unprocessed foods were associated with the marked reduction in all the diseases.

What diet have you been on and has it been working for you? How long have you been struggling with your weight?

Maybe it’s not a weight issue but you want to eat right due to heart disease or other illness, what ever it is, I’d really like you input and feed back or just a comment.(I’m available to get right back to you). Good luck to you and I hope you were able to take something away from reading this article.

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