KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG

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Includes access to 6 months of KardiaCare heart health membership.

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KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG Device

Includes KardiaCare Membership with KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG 

KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG by Alivcor is the Leading Company in the newest Technology. Alivecor is using technology to chase Atrial Fibrillation and Arrhythmias. The 6 lead is the world’s only six-lead personal EKG. This allows you to record more heart data and get a sophisticated, detailed view of your heart from home.

This device will give you peace of mind from home and alow you to determine whether your numbers are too high or not. The decision to call emergency is justified when you have an EKG in the palm of your hands. Alivcor’s KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG, deemed medical grade EKG and provides FDA cleared determinations of your heart rhythm in only 30 seconds.


Difference Between KardiaMobile 1 Single Lead vs KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG Heart Monitor

KardiaMobile 1 EKG is the same device as the KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG but with one line

The smart device that can record a medical-grade electrocardiogram (EKG) right on your smart phone. KardiaMobile 1 is a single lead EKG, you won’t get more than 1 reading as the 6 lead EKG.

EKGs measure the electrical activity of your heart and are used in hospitals to detect irregularities with your heart rate or rhythm. The rhythms may be indicators of a heart condition such as atrial fibrillation (A-Fib).

These devices can detect:

  • AFib
  • Bradycardia
  • Tachycardia,With more determinations available with a KardiaCare membership. Kardiamobile records a single lead EKG, which provides you and your doctor with reliable information on your heart health.

KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG Heart Monitor Has Membership Options

Do I Have to Buy a Memebership to Get The KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG Heart Monitor?

Of course you don’t, the optional membership costs $9.99 a month or $99 annually. Similar to a conventional EKG, the KardiaMobile 6 Lead device measures your heart’s electrical activity to help detect possible irregularities in rate and rhythm.

How Does it Work?

KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG Heart Monitor Has an App You Download

To get started, download the accompanying app on your smartphone. By placing your fingers on either side of the KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG device, positioning it on your leg (bare skin) you are ready to get a reading within 30 second.

When you’re done, you have the option to send it straight to your doctor by email. Then your doctor will evaluate the readings. If there’s any reason for concern, he will call you to discuss it in person.

   6 Lines of EKG Readings

KardiaMobile 6 Lead EKG records six leads of heart data—information that you can’t get with a fitness tracker.

What If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition, or suspect there may be something wrong with your heart? KardiaMobile 6L will give you the most in-depth view of your heart from home and provide invaluable information for your doctor.

Compatibility KardiaMobile 6L EKG device is compatible with most popular phones and tablets. To use your KardiaMobile device, you must download the Kardia app on a compatible device running at least Apple iOS 10.3.3, or at least Android OS 6.0.

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KardiaMobile 6 L vs Single LeadG
KardiaMobile 6 L vs Single Lead

Price of The KardiaMobile Single Lead EKG is Reasonable

Recording a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds Saves Lives

The KardiaMobile Single lead is FDA cleared to detect A-Fib and records medical grade EKGs right on the phone. That means you will only get one single reading opposed to the KardiaMobile 6L  (also FDA approved), that has 6 lines of in depth readings.

You can download and email your results to your medical doctor or cardiologist. When you’re trying to get diagnosed, A-Fib has a way of playing hide and seek. By the time your appointment comes, A-fib isn’t there like it was when you made the appointment.

That’s where Having a monitor that you can email results come into play. You have proof right in your own hands and  you can also print your results for your files.


Where some wearables can cost upwards of $400, Kardia devices are less than half of that. KardiaMobile devices start at just $79. This gives you a significantly more affordable way to care for your heart.

Compatibility Check before purchasing.

Small enough to fit in your purse, pocket or carry Pod



The six lead device is $50 more expensive than the single lead one. Considering that more data is better, it potentially offers more precise analyses. The Kardia mobile 1 l and the 6 l devices are both excellent, accurate, and both provide valuable information in detecting arrhythmia.

Similarly, a study published in Cardiology Journal found that KardioMobile was comparable in giving accurate ECG recordings as standard ECG evaluations. In addition, it was superior in detecting sinus rhythm than eyeball evaluation of a 12-lead ECG.

I’m leaning more towards Kardiamobile 6L. It has more leads and 6 times more data, plus it’s only $50 more than the Single Lead. They’re both detramental to detection of A-Fib. I would use KardiMobile Single Lead if I suspected I had A-Fib. The device can detect bradycardia, and tachycardia within 30 seconds.

I would use KardiaMobile 6 L EKG if I was already diagnosed with A-Fib to monitor the data and share it with the cardiologist. As it is a progressive disease if not treated correctly. There’s no doubt that KardiaMobile 1 Lead works, and it can be a valuable device for detecting a range of indicators of cardiovascular disease.

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Apple Watch VS KardiaMobile

EKG-Reading Kardia Band is First Apple Watch Accessory to get FDA Clearance. Kardia Band attaches to the Apple Watch like any other replaceable watchband.


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