RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device

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RESPeRate is the First to create a Blood Pressure Device

RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device Doesn’t Need a Prescription

RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device
RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device

It’s a Non-Drug FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven Device, RESPeRATE is a portable electronic device that promotes slow, deep breathing without drugs and side effects . It has been FDA cleared and they claim it’s helping over 250 million people as we speak.

How Does RESPeRATE Ultra Lower Blood Pressure?

The Three Items Include a belt, the main machine, and earbuds

First, you fasten the breathing belt around your upper abdoman, then put the earbuds in and turn the machine on. RESPeRATE can significantly reduce your blood pressure if you use it for 15 minutes per day. You want to use it at least 3 to 4 times per week in order to attain 40 or more minutes of slow breathing.

My first question is probably similar to what you’re asking. Why is it so expensive, I could use my yoga music to do this for free. Or I could use soundscapes, the same one I use to get to sleep at night.  You have to watch the video to get it, I’m still trying to get it.

It has something to do with, first of all long deep breaths which make sense, Breathing in and long exhalation without conscious effort. It’s during the prolonged exhalation that elevated sympathetic activity is reduced and the blood vessels relax.

Virtually Impossible to Breathe This Way on Your OWN

Take a peak at the Video, There are 250 million people using the Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device

Virtually Impossible, RESPeRATE claims that unless you’ve had training like the Monks that practice slow breathing with effort and focus to prolong exhalation, you still wouldn’t get the same results. RESPeRATE claims this is counter productive and if you watch the video, you’ll understand why.

It will start making sense although I’m not that easily swayed, but I thought I’d put it out there for you to make up your own mind, as they have had some pretty good reviews. 50 million people are using this blood pressure lowering device, it does tend to make me curious.

I imagine that people with high blood pressure with different medical conditions or circumstances would probably benefit from this device. If you had really bad knees and couldn’t go for walks or exercise to get your blood pressure down, then definately it would have great benefits to them.

The Greatest Benefit of All

I think the greates benefit of all would be, you no longer have to be tied to your blood pressure medicine. It would definately be a step in the right direction. Earlier I mentioned Elevated Sympathetic Nervous Activity .

Elevated Sympathetic Nervous Activity happens when you’re confronted with dangerous or stressful situations, involuntary process in your body elevate activity im you sympathetic nervous system.  In turn, this heightened activity leads to changes such as increases in your blood pressure and heart rate as well as decreasing food digestion.

Ways to Keep Elevated Sympathetic Nervous System From Becoming Overactive

Ways to keep the sympathetic nervous system from becoming overactive or excessive include lifestyle changes, such as Yoga, Tai Chi or other forms of mild to moderate exercise. Various exercises can train the Elevated Sympathetic Nervous System not to become overactive and may also be a good stress reducer.




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