Wireless Heart Monitor Device, FDA Approved

Compact and Wireless Heart Monitor

Biobutton Biointellisense
Biointellisense Wireless Heart Monitor Device

The New Wireless Heart Monitor Device.

Wireless Heart Monitor Device called the BioButton is a small device—about an inch in diameter—that sticks to a patient’s chest for 90 days or more and works around the clock to gather vital sign measurements, collecting as many as 1,440 readings each day. (BioIntelliSense)

The Compact “Wireless Heart Monitor Devices  BioButton” is easy to apply to the skin

Say good bye to all of those wires on heart monitors you had to wear for a week or two, trying to get a reading to see if you had any type of arrhythmia. Easy to apply, just peel the back off and stick on, press and hold a few seconds, you’re all set.

No More Hiding Tangled Wires Under Your Clothes  

Then there’s the problem of carrying the portable monitor which was bigger than a cell phone, along with carrying your cell phone, and the monitor reader, it was too much!

This New Wireless Heart Monitoring Device is compact and wireless.

It’s small enough to literally stick on your chest by your heart for continuous around the clock to gather vital sign measurements, collecting as many as 1,440 readings each day. You can now wear it with confidence and with that many readings day and night, you’re sure to get the reading you need.

How the BioButton Works for Patient’s

The Heart Monitor is Small unlike Hospital Heart Monitors

Now, compact and wireless wearable heart monitoring devices can churn out just as many measurements, if not more on a constant basis, including body temperature, heart and respiratory rate, infection-related symptoms and more.

It’ll be available for use both within hospital settings and throughout the first 30 days of patients’ transitions from the hospital to the home.

The medical grade heart monitor device captures two dozen data points including skin temperature, resting heart and respiratory rate, body position, activity levels and your sleep performance.

It also, performs gait analysis, tracking step symmetry, cadence and strength, and can pick up on symptoms like vomiting, sneezing and coughing that may indicate an infection.

BioButton Tracking Your Vitals for 90 Day’s

All of those measurements (above) are automatically sent via Bluetooth to BioIntelliSense’s mobile app and online portal.

There, clinicians can access reports illustrating the progress of their patients’ vital sign readings over time. The system can be programmed to send alerts if those readings leave specified ranges.

Medtronic picks up BioIntelliSense’s round-the-clock vital sign monitor in distribution deal

Medtronic has added one such device to its patient monitoring portfolio, thanks to a new partnership with BioIntelliSense, the medtech giant announced.

Medtronic will have exclusive rights within the U.S. to distribute BioIntelliSense’s BioButton continuous monitoring wearable. It’ll be available for use both within hospital settings and throughout the first 30 days of patients’ transitions from the hospital to the home.

Situating the BioButton under medtronic’s Umbrella

Situating the BioButton under Medtronic’s umbrella, which covers more than 100 million hospital patients per year, according to the company, will be especially beneficial in helping hospitals navigate the growing shortage of healthcare workers and rising healthcare costs, per BioIntelliSense CEO James Mault, M.D.

“This advanced remote physiologic monitoring simplifies care delivery to facilitate personalized patient care, clinical workflow automation and proactive clinical interventions,” Mault said. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

BiointelliSense rakes in $45M for remote monitoring data platform, symptom tracking stickers!

The original iteration of the BioButton—which was introduced in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic—was equipped with a battery that would last 90 days before the device had to be removed and thrown away.

Earlier this year, however, BioIntelliSense unveiled a rechargeable model of the wearable that can be worn for much longer with recharge sessions about every two weeks.


BioIntelliSense rakes in $45M for remote monitoring data platform, symptom-tracking stickers

BioIntelliSense BioSticker
BioIntelliSense Bio Sticker Wireless Heart Monitor Device

The FDA has cleared the new wireless heart monitoring device, BioIntelliSense’s BioSticker and BioButton, both of which are small, adhesive devices that can be worn for 30 to 90 days to track vital signs, analyze movement and collect symptoms of COVID-19 and other illnesses. (BioIntelliSense)-by Andrea Park

The Best of A-Fib Technology, wireless heart monitors are Getting Better All The Time!

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