High Protein Diet and yoga for muscle mass!

Workout with Yoga and strengthen your core muscles

Shake it up a bit and practice Yoga!

Protein is the most essential nutrient for healthy muscle gain, recovery, muscle repair and weight loss. For your health and wellness, protein is the building block of most of our muscles and body mass. Protein powders and bars are a great tool to help you increase your protein intake.

Shake it up in your Healthy Body!

Shake Please delivers delicious protein packed smoothies. Perfectly crafted with whole fruits and whey protein to blend together in less than a minute with an amazing 24 to 33 grams of protein per smoothie. A natural and delicious way to achieve health and wellness.

How does this work?

1-To choose your subscription, select 8, 16, or 24 cups which arrive monthly. Build your own custom box.

2-Select the smoothies you like and simply add them to your box. You’ll receive a UPS tracking number when your order ships.

3-Once you’ve subscribed, you have access to a calendar where you can skip, pause or cancel.

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After You Shake it Up, Try Some Yoga to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Mass!

Add Yoga to your Diet!

Yoga Download.com

This unique yoga and meditation online studio offer’s free online classes and Live streaming class. They offer beginner Yoga classes, meditation and much more, check it out online!

Yoga Download Packages and Programs

Choose the perfect package or program to suit your individual needs. Each package/program contains a series of downloadable classes designed for a specific purpose. All classes have been carefully selected and masterfully curated by our expert instructors to help you achieve your yoga goals.

Program Categories:

Beginner Yoga


Fitness & Strength

Detox & Cleanse

Relax & Restore



Wellness and Therapy

Yoga For…


Prenatal / Postnatal

Yoga en Español

Popular Programs on the Site,

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Meditation, Power, Align and Flow, Yoga with Weights, Yin, Pranayama,

The program is perfect for people that are new to meditation, as well as those looking to spice up their existing practice. The practices vary in length from 5 minutes to 76 minutes.

They want to help you achieve your highest potential in body, mind, heart and soul. There are many programs to choose from within Yoga Download.

If you’d like to view the “World’s Top Instructors“, they offer training on Demand.

Browse through thousands of albums and tracks that you can download for yoga, relaxation and wellness. They offer music playlists from top instructors from around the world ie;


1. 01-Sweet-Sleep-vol-129:52ADD TO CART$ 3.00
2. 02-Sweet-Dreams-vol-230:19ADD TO CART$ 3.00
3. 03-A-Sweet-Peaceful-Sleep-vol-327:44ADD TO CART$ 3.00
A Sweet Sweet Sleep Vol 1-3
Full Album: A Sweet Sweet Sleep Vol 1-3ADD TO CART$ 9.00
Full Album

Click here> YogaDownload.com to either get free online classes or choose a class that’s right for you.

Yoga Diet

Yoga diet should include nuts like cashew, pistachio, almond to provide essential minerals, proteins and vitamins to obtain energy and good health. Yogis should eat light, nutritious foods.

What to avoid if you’re serious about results

Avoid eating large meals before doing yoga. If you do yoga first thing in the morning, your stomach is already empty, and you’ll obtain better results.

Let’s say you eat a large meal, try to wait at least two hours to allow the meal to digest, but if you ate a small snack, allow about 30 minutes to an hour before doing yoga.

Smoothies actually make good snacks and are loaded with protein and very little calories. It’s fast, easy and readily available right in your freezer with Shake Please, ENJOY!

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  • I’ve updated this site 09/28/2022 since Inner Dimension is no longer affiliated with my site.


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