I am introducing you to a snippet of what’s important to me in my daily life. I enjoy these little critters so, how can you not.

It’s estimated that by the year 2030, 12.1 million prople in the U.S. will have Atrial Fibrillation. Worldwide, the estimated number fo individuals with A-Fib in 2010 was 33.5 million, according to a study in 2013. That’s about 5% of the worlds population.

Looking Left in Sync

Danny The Cat

Describing Danny, he is the most loving cat I’ve ever met. His expressions are easily read with everyone of his cute little moods. He wants to lick Luna on the head and give her a hug, but Luna is not trusting it yet as they have just met.

Looking Right in Sync

Luna The Loon

Now, Luna is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She loves to play catch and runs as fast as she can to catch the ball in mid air, and usually does. She loves to jump into the creek in the back yard to fetch sticks. She loves her Grandma (I’m Grandma) but loves food more.

Looking Forward in Sync

Starting a Friendship

They both want to play together but there are 2 other cats in the house and Luna is a little freaked out about that (the siamese has nipped her nose already). But Luna has already let Danny bump noses with her so that’s a good sign.

Danny (The Protector) Stays Near Luna
Meet Kitten

I would describe Kitten as very, very grumpy, wants attention only when he decides. He loves to be Pet but not for too long, you’ll suddenly, without warning, be bitten on the hand as well as clawed with one strike.

He’s more like an observer than a lovable cat and everything has to be on his terms (coming in after dark, hiding under the cars), we have to coax him in at night with canned food, a tiny expensive can of Sheba Bon Apetite.

Clive Lewis was rescued from a junk yard, he’s gotten use to fending for himself there and was a bit overweight when he came to live with us.

He sleeps in the guest bathroom sink. He wants a lot of attention as I’m sure he wasn’t getting any in his past.

He’s very bossy about feeding time and I can’t say I blame him. If the other cats don’t eat all there food, he will eat it for them. He’s a good cat, just has no manners.

Update (12/28/22) on Clive’s eating habits. He has a medical problem and there is an operation for 5 thousand dollars and is a one time deal to stop the his overly hungry side affect. Otherwise, he has to get expensive shots monthly, for life.

So, it’s not his fault he thinks he’s hungry all the time, so sorry for him that it wasn’t caught earlier.

Clive Lewis

The Truth Be Told

All three cats, and Luna are not mine. My boyfriend’s daughter was living with us and she had 3 cats. Luna is my daughter’s dog, I borrow her all the time, mainly so she can run (3.5 acres here) and get her exercise in, besides, she loves it here. Below are more pictures, the poodle is my girlfriend’s cute little dog.

Meet Percy
Stayed the weekend, She’s Still Snooping

Besides borrowing everyone else’s animals, I love to raising a garden and tend to it until harvest, here is the last harvest.

Meet Sherry-Harvest 2022

We live in Washington State, North of Seattle so you know we get a lot of rain. In 2022 we didn’t get much of a summer, just a lot of smoke from all of the wildfires we had this year. So we chose not to make a garden and we were really glad we made that decision. Hardly anyone around here got enough sun to grow tomato’s let alone a full garden, next year…

Meet Roger-The Last Harvest 2021 (Not enough Sun 2022)
Portrait of Luna
Danny-he had a tooth pulled so his upper lip gets stuck on his dry tooth and he knows when you’re laughing at him( we laugh with him). He loves to stop and smell the flowers
My Hydrow Rower For Heart Health

I’m at high risk for stroke ( along with at least 6 million others in the U.S., due to Atrial Fibrillation & a pacemaker) so while covid is out there, I enjoy staying home spending approx. 8 hours a day at the computer, fine tuning my websites and learning a lot at wealthy affiliate as I go along this journey. I enjoy my free time and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now you know a little more about me and what motivates me. (We’re going to get 2 kittens of our own, in the spring).

Informing The Public

I will continue spreading Atrial Fibrillation Awareness to inform the public of the importance of catching it in it’s early stages to reduce the risk of stroke.

This website is about finding (A-Fib) cures, safest ablation procedures, pacemaker revolutions and the newest and best operations to reduce your chances for stroke.

A-Fib Deaths

In 2019, Atrial Fibrillation was mentioned on 183,321 death certificates and was the underlying cause of death in 26,535 of those deaths. (Per CDC.gov)

Wishing you all the best, feel free to leave a comment below, your opinions matter to me. If you’re thinking about becoming an affiliate, please check out my other website for more information. You’ll find free websites and how to get there plus free landing pages for your email subscriptions to bring traffic.

Sincerely, Sherry