New Jaaxy Affiliate Program 2021

Affiliate Program within an Affiliate Program 2021!

This New Jaaxy Affiliate Program is a tool within a tool within a tool and it’s one of a kind and Brilliant!

Wealthy Affiliate is the first to develop an Affiliate company that owns the Affiliate company. Owners, Founder and Co-Founder of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. The New Jaaxy Affiliate Program gives a different dynamic to marketing practices.

The Affiliate Program within an Affiliate Program gets over 3 million, (sky is the limit) keyword ideas from a single seed keyword. Type in one word or a Keyword phrase and Jaaxy will display how high you will rank in SEO and chances are you will be indexed in Google’s first page! Another option is to join the New Jaaxy Affiliate Program and become successful faster!

I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and Jaaxy is the wheel for me to find those keywords to add to my A-Fib headlines, articles and content. I rely on Jaaxy for ideas, it has a brainstorming tab where you actually get great ideas but future post ideas as well.

Main mission is to spread Atrial Fibrillation Awareness

Jaaxy makes it easy to find those keywords that pertain to my niche, otherwise it would be a hit and miss situation. I help people find new ways to get information on how to cope daily with A-Fib, and the most up to date treatments on how to treat symptoms.

The goal is to either control the rate of your heartbeat or the rhythm of your heart. Taking once-daily oral medications like beta blockers or calcium channel blockers to control your heart rate so you can stay in A-Fib but without feeling so tired. For rhythm control, they can restore your heart’s normal rhythm with medications or with ablation.

I couldn’t imagine searching for hours for keywords and I’m sure before this tool came along, that’s what you had to do. It sounds like an historical event to me, I absolutely love Jaaxy and it’s fun to use, call me crazy. I’m just getting started so please read more…

This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Jaaxy, Best Keyword Research Tool

#1-Not only is the New Jaaxy Affiliate Program a necessity of the marketing community, but it’s also a working gear that is essential for lubricating a lucrative business through affiliate marketing.

Using the tool and signing up for free to incorporate it into your business for higher SEO, Analytics, QSR, knowing the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keywords puts you ahead of your competition.

#2- KQI is a Keyword Quality Indicator, (in Jaaxys Keyword search…) Green is Great, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor, so it allows you to make a smarter and easier decision.

#3- SEO, in Jaaxy… SEO is programmed to give you a score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. The higher number the better.

Those are some basics on Jaaxy’s capabilities, there’s so much more and what’s great about it, it’s easy to use. Now I’m going to turn attention to the other tool that can literally change your life

New Jaaxy, Affiliate Program is a tool within a tool within a tool

3 Effective ways to Promoting Jaaxy

#1-Jaaxy keyword research is getting popular by the minute, there are a lot of new people joining up and promoting. To promote Jaaxy, all you have to do is put it in your Blogs or Posts and It speaks for itself.

#2- Reviews are a good way to promote Jaaxy, try it out yourself for free and see what we’re talking about. Know what your competition is doing and what keywords are popular. Then there is low hanging fruit that everyone passes by that you can score on.

#3-Inform people about Jaaxy after you’ve tried it and then simply tell them of your experience, it sells itself, you don’t have to be a salesman. Promoting Jaaxy is the second tool within a tool, the third is…

Wealthy Affiliate Program has a Lucrative Commodity to Promote as well as a tool to use, and what better place to use it than inside Wealthy Affiliate! That’s Right! There’re 3 reasons to stop looking for a better way to put your skills in action and stop shopping to get ripped off because they are just waiting for you on the up sales if you choose to go there.

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At Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy is included within the free trial period! Jaaxy is there for you to use until your free trial expires or until you upgrade and join WA! Promoting Jaaxy can make you a lot of money!

No credit card required to start!

How Can You Lose?

Wealthy Affiliate is the most advanced training platform in the world! Start a Business from the ground floor with over a 3 million Niches. The sky is the limit, just choose a topic you’re passionate about and write about it. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, make money at home.

Training is available to help you get there every step of the way. The community is very engaging and helpful, ask a question and get a response or 5 or 10. I knew nothing about building a website when I first started, now I have 7, it’s an amazing journey.

I’d like you to build on your dreams and have an awesome website and to learn more about Wealthy affiliate and their warm and friendly mannerisms in their community,

I’m going to bid you a good evening and I hope you make your dreams come true, sign up! You can find me over at wealthyaffiliate/

If you have any questions, please contact me at or leave a comment below. Your comments are important to me, and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Wishing you All the best, Sherry

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