More Doctors Need Training

Numbers Prove That It’s Truly an Epidemic

An estimated 16 million people will have it with in 10 to 15 years (noted by Dr. Dave Albert). With more people getting it and needing surgery, they will be short-handed with doctors that know how to perform ablations and stated that “More Doctors Need Training” to keep up with the demand ahead. (The estimated number for A-Fib, 12 million in 2030).

Doctors say Atrial Fibrillation truly is an epidemic with highly increasing numbers. Partially the reason is that we have a larger population of older people, obesity and diabetes that are contributing factors. Is Ablation the Cure for Atrial Fibrillation?

Dr David Albert fears the worst.

I’ll quote him in saying” It’s truly an epidemic”. More Doctors Need to be Trained to Perform Ablation Surgery because it’s the go to procedure that’s less invasive than opening up your chest. He also said that out of 1000 older people over 65 were tested for A-Fib and 10 to 15 from that thousand had diagnosed A-Fib.

Undiagnosed A-Fib means that when your heart is out of rhythm for that many years, ablation usually won’t help them. A video I watched with both David Albert and Dr. Steve Ryan both agreed on how quickly the disease is doubling in numbers.

KardiaMobile EKG Device invention

In the 1990s he had an idea about a device that could connect cardio activity straight to the doctor. It wasn’t practical because we didn’t have the portable computing, wireless connectivity, technology, or chips back then, there wasn’t much he could do.

It wasn’t until 2007 when Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, Dr. Albert thought “what if there was a device that made a direct connection between a patient’s heart and a cardiologist brain”, it could finally be realized.

Finally in 2010 Dr. Dave Albert and some partners built the KardiMobile EKG device. Cardiologists and electrophysiologists are telling people with A-Fib to buy the KariaMobile EKG device and doctors could prescribe it to their patients in the first year, (now you can simply buy one). Dr. Albert has grown the KardiaMobile company (AliveCore), as it continues to thrive and is dedicated to helping A-Fib patients.

Dr. Steve S Ryan went to France to get an Ablation for His A-Fib

Is Ablation the Cure for Atrial Fibrillation?

Dr. Steve Ryan has a PHD form Ohio State of Educational Communications, he does not have a medical degree, but he did have A-Fib and you could call him an expert with his experience and research. Here is his story…

Dr. Ryan flew to France after searching for a cure for A-Fib. Through his research he found out about the ablation procedure and took a flight to France. Long story short, he was “cured” of A-Fib and has been since 1998.

He stated, ” Whatever you do, don’t get a pacemaker”. Try the ablation as I did twice, and if the first one doesn’t work, get a second one. With some people it takes 3 to 4 times before it works, only because of the different scenarios. If you’ve had it for a real long time, it’s going to be tough because of the damage caused over the years. If you catch it early, your chances are higher getting your heart back to normal, “cured”. If the numbers, 16 million in 10-15 years are right, then defiantly more doctors need training.

” Beat Your A-Fib”

Dr. Ryan has written a book on called ” Beat Your A-Fib” and has formed an A-Fib support group for patients and anyone that calls him. His book gives you the Facts about A-Fib but more importantly it gives people Hope.

It gives the people with A-Fib the sense that they don’t have to continue taking medication like blood thinners and anticoagulation’s for the rest of their lives and that they can be cured.

Can ABLATION Cure A-Fib?

An ablation: They run a catheter through a vein in your groin to your heart, burn off or isolate the extra pulses in your heart that are producing the A-Fib pulses and that’s it, you’re free to go home the next day! Recovery time can take several days.

Steve said with grace, “I’ll go to the hospital with you and wait in the lobby until you come out of surgery” He claims he has done that.

He has formed a group of medical volunteers for A-Fib Support you can call anytime, and you can find this in his book.

Can Ablation Cure Atrial Fibrillation?

According to Steve S. Ryan, yes, in his case that is what happened. For many others it generally takes a couple of times before it works.  Some people have had it 4 times and aren’t totally cured. It depends on the person and the physician as well as lifestyle.

1- If you were a heavy drinker and didn’t change your habits, you’re going to continue having A-Fib.

2- If you smoke after ablation, you may still have symptoms.

3- You aren’t getting any exercise, you’ll have symptoms.

4- Not eating healthy, some foods are bad for A-Fib.

The Choices we make to turn our lives around can be a huge factor in whether we can be cured of A-Fib or not. But in some cases, maybe you’ve stopped all of the bad habits and still experience symptoms. Since the numbers are rising so high, I’m thinking that someday there will be a cure for all, so keep the faith and hope going.

Steve’s testimony and book gives me hope, maybe that’s what we all need.

His story on his website was incredible to read. He talks in Lamens terms so the average person can understand, I hope you get a chance to go to his website and check it out.

Beat Your A-Fib
Beat Your A-Fib

About Steve’s Book

Written in everyday language for patients with Atrial Fibrillation

“The great thing about this book is, it gives the facts of A-Fib, but more importantly it gives people hope, it gives them a sense that A-fib can be cured. That they don’t have to live the rest of their lives taking meds like anticoagulants and blood thinners”.

Steve Ryan claims that his ablation surgery cured him, and he is working with other people to help them find the best doctors for their ablation. He mentioned that he wants to give people hope. I believe in Steve and if you get a chance, be sure to stop by his website.

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