The Best Thing You Can Do for A-Fib Symptoms

Hammocks for Trees
Hammocks for Trees
Stress Free

Double Hammocks for Camping, Portable Parachute Fabric Hammock for Outdoor Hiking

Most of us have all been camping or hiking, fishing on the river or lake, right? If you have then you know how stress free it is. Doctors recommend Yoga for A-Fib paitients for that reason. But wouldn’t you rather be fishing?

After Fishing All Day, Who Doesn’t Need a Hammock?

Double Hammocks for Camping, Portable Parachut Hammock for Outdoor Hiking or fishing and definately relaxing after a long day fishing. I spent many hours fishing on the river when I was growing up, basically I thought I grew up on the Kalama river, in retrospect, I did.

When I first saw this Hammock, it took me back to those awesome memories thinking, ‘I wish I’d have had one of those”.

There are many useful ways to use a hammock like, making a swing in the back yard or on your patio, that would be delightful. You could hang it by your garden, front porch or even on your deck outside. Back to the Hammock…


This is a 2 person Hammock that is 78″ Wide 118″ Long and adopts high density polyester providing campers or tired fishermen a comfortable and relaxing evening. The hammock has strong and safe hooks and straps, outdoor hammocks come with 2 hooks and 2 straps which are used to hang the hammock on the trees.

Make sure the trees are strong enough to hold 2 people and it shouldn’t exceed 50cm from the ground. Portable and lightweight the storage bag can be used to carry small items when you’re not in the hammock. The hammocks weigh 32 ounces because the material is so lightweight, makes sense.

I found a tai Hammock video, I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of hammock, it’s very interesting.

Paradiso Shangmao Hammock

Shangmao Hammocks
Paradiso Shangmao Hammock Double
Byer of Maine Paradiso

Comes in assorted colors


“The Paradiso Double Hammock is the crown jewel of the Amazonas hammock line. Over eight feet long and five and a half feet wide, the Paradiso has room for the whole family. Handwoven in Brazil from a blend that is 85% recycled cotton and 15% polyester. The hammock stretches and conforms for exquisite comfort. Much larger than the Barbados, the rich warm, hand crafted colors will provide you and your family with endless days of fun and relaxation.” Just what the doctor ordered!

  • At 142″L x 68″W and holding up to 400lbs, it can easily fit two without having to get too friendly
  • Traditionally handcrafted in Brazil from a polyester/cotton blend, this hammock is designed to remain soft and strong
  • This hammock can be used indoors, on the porch, your patio, or in your backyard. There’s no limit on where your ideal retreat can go
  • If you don’t have two trees at a convenient distance apart, our adjustable Ceara and Olymp hanging stands work well with the Paradiso hammock

The Hammock is going for $125.49 at Overstock. I did some research and found the Paradiso at Amazon for 46% off and the price is $69.95 List price $129.95

Kootek Camping Hammock

Kootek Hammock
Kootek Hammock
Kootek Hammock

Kootek Camping Hammock

Lightweight Nylon Parachute Fabric for easy repacking and carrying. Durable and comfortable made of 210T parachute fabric with anti fraying, anti tearing, dirt resistant. Ideal gifts for everyone.


Double & Single sizes, multiple colors and holds up to 400 lbs. Medium 105″length X 54″width X 27″height, fits 1 person. Large size 118″length X 78″width fits 2 people and holds up to 500 lbs.

This hammock has adjustable tree friendly straps, each strap is 10 feet long with 18 plus 1 loops, easily locking the carabineers to any loops which adjust a perfct height and comfort level.

The color on display is easy on the eyes, a beautiful color. There are 19 colors to choose from. For the sake of repeating myself, describing the many things you could use this hammock for and where to hang it, I will refrain myself.

The colors are magnificent and brilliant, and the comfort of the hammock shows in every picture. This is something I would definatley buy and hang on the outside deck.

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Novica Natural Beige Hand Woven Hammock

Manaus Majesty’

Brazilian Hammock

Hand woven in natural beige Ecru Cotton. Handmade crochet fringe, Manaus Majesty (Double)

This is a beautiful and exceptional piece of art work. The care of every stitch and placement of great detail with the articulate crochet accents makes you feel like a Queen.

Exceptional quality and beauty of the design is magnificent!

I’d be worried to take it outside for fear of getting dust on the hammock. You definitely don’t want to hang it up near a tree or take it camping, but seriously, this wasn’t made with that in mind. Indoor Hammocks are a refreshing feeling when resting in them , this hammock would surely lower my stress!


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If you love relaxing outdoors and a hammock is not your thing.

Swing over to my other website that offers outdoor patio decor at or click see more…

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If you love spending time outdoors relaxing, reading a good book, sitting by the river or even fishing, the set-up to the left is ideal for you. It would be really easy to build the platform for your own private oasis.

Pick your own style of outdoor furniture that fits your family size and decorate the platform with accents of color or neutral outdoor greens and browns or beiges.

Throw a couple of potted plants in the mix and sit down with your favorite beverage to enjoy the peaceful, calming and rejuevinating sounds of nature.