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When you have heart disease and A-Fib, staying calm and relaxed is the best thing you can do for yourself and it’s the first step to controlling A-Fib!

Novica Orange Double Hammock
Novica Orange Double
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Novica Ivory Cotton
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Novica Yellow Orange
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Novica Hand Woven Brazilian Hammock

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Yoga and A-Fib
Yoga and A-Fib

How to Stop A-Fib Episodes

Yoga is Doctor Recommended

Hybrid Ablation Option
Hybrid Ablation Option

New Hybrid Maze Ablation

New Heart Procedure for A-Fib Patients

A-Fib and Symptoms
A-Fib and Symptoms

Four Types of A-Fib

Treatments for Atrial Fibrillation

Dr. Randall Wolf Inventor of Mini-Maze
Dr. Randall Wolf Inventor of Mini-Maze Curing Ablation

Cure For Atrial Fibrillation

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Dr.Randall Wolf has saved over 2000 lives since 2003, inventor of the Mini-Maze procedure

Does the Wolf Mini-Maze procedure work? It’s been wildly successful. From the very beginning, the promise was clear. Now, Dr. Wolf has patients he sees every year, and he has studied some of them for weeks to make sure they do not have AFib. A decade after the procedure, they still don’t. They don’t take medication, they don’t need secondary procedures, and they don’t live with that constant stroke risk.




6550 Fannin St.
Smith Tower Suite #1401
Houston, TX 77030

Dr. Randall Wolf can cure your A-fib + no more Blood Thinners!

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